Mill Address

Z.A.C. du Prieuré
04350 Malijai
+ 33 6 95 90 49 39

Bespoke flours at the chambelland mill

To produce guaranteed gluten-free flours, the rice has to be ground in a mill that is absolutely free of any trace of wheat. The obvious solution was to have our own mill. Installing it in the Haute-Provence region, close to our growers, was the next logical move. This guarantees the traceability, safety and trueness-to-type of our flours.

To build its mill and secure top skills, chambelland joined forces with Stéphane Pichard, a seventh-generation miller who has been in partnership with Thomas for several years.

In May 2014, the mill turned out its first flours made from rice, buckwheat, sorghum and millet, in white, semi-wholemeal or wholemeal versions.

Our rice

We select our rice grains from growers in the Camargue region of France or Italy’s Po Valley. Their variety of rice is the best for obtaining the quality we look for in breadmaking.

The grains of rice are gradually crushed between finely-grooved cylinders in a dedicated 300 m2 area.

When the rice has been ground four times, the resulting flour is sieved. Its fine, even particle size (less than 300 microns) is ideal for making bread and pastries.

Chambelland sells its flours to all demanding professionals who care about where their products come from, or want to work with stable, naturally gluten-free flours.